Should I Accept Him or Not?

Visitors Question:
I was in love with a guy who could not marry me and he was not so sincere in our relationship as I was to him. We broke up. Then this other man whom I knew for a while came and told he loves me and wants to live with me. He is married and I know all about his personal life. I really like this guy and am confused whether to accept him or not. Should I accept him or give it a break?

I don't see where the confusion is, he's married, and you're jumping into the same type of relationship that you left. This man can't commit to you because he already belongs to someone else.

You need to go out and find someone that's not attached. What makes you think you'll ever be able to trust him. He's cheating on his wife to be with you. What makes you think that he'll ever leave her? And if he did, what makes you think he won't do it to you hmmm?

Stop entertaining someones husband and go find your own. Remember, God is watching.

I hope I answered your question. Take care and all the best.

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