She didn't deserve me.

by Steve Davis
(Austin, Texas, USA)

Visitors Story:

I ended my first real relationship with a girl I really really liked. It hurt me very badly and I had a really horrible time after the breakup.

I went through hell, I was moody with the world, I cried everyday. To get rid of her and the memories I tried many things.

I jumped into another relationship but that too failed. I tried to spend more time with friends and family, I tried to be lonely, but nothing worked out. I turned to alcohol and cigarettes soon.

No matter whatever I did, nothing really worked out right. One day a friend of mine visited me and talked to me for a long time.

He said that I have to move on from this current situation and work really hard for a better tomorrow.

He said that if my girlfriend split up with me, its not because I wasn't good for her, but simply because she doesn't deserve me.

So now its my job to prove that to her. Those words were like a wake up call for me and brought a lot of relief and confidence in me.

Very shortly I got over the breakup with my girlfriend and I'm pretty happy now.

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