Sex before marriage

by Maricel Millares
(Quezon city, Metro Manila, Philippines)

Visitors Question
I would like to know if my boyfriend will still love me and understand my situation for I came from a conservative family and I oppose in having sex before marriage but my boyfriend sometimes insists in doing so. Will he still love me or will he leave me and get some girl that will give him what he wants?

Weeell Maricel, if you truly believe in no sex before marriage, well you should stand by your decision no matter what anyone thinks. This all depends on you. Now you should sit down and discuss this with your partner.

If he does not agree on this, then you have some other decisions to make. You both have to be on the same page about this. I suggest you both sit down and discuss this. Get ready for the decision that he makes. He just may want to see someone else. Remember, communication is key.

I hope I've answered your question. Good luck and Take care.

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