Saving a Relationship

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My controlling partner has just kicked me out because I told him I was pregnant. We have been together for 3 years and I moved to him, changed my job and life to be with him and he has cut me off like a knife and will not even speak to me I do not understand why he is doing this? He has been very controlling throughout our relationship and we have been to counseling, which was going well.

However I accidentally got pregnant and he has completely closed the door leaving me with nothing and wont speak to me. I love him very much and am heartbroken. Only the other day he was saying how much he loved me and now has cut me dead. Can you please offer some advice on this very strange behavior? Thanks

There's no such thing as accidentally got pregnant. What do you think would happen if it's unprotected sex? Strange behavior you say? You said he was controlling even before the pregnancy right?, if so, then you should have taken action back then.

I guess all that is in the past and you're dealing with the now. First you have to think about yourself for a moment. Get him to talk about what you guys are going to do. And if that doesn't work then you'll have to start taking matters into your own hands. First ask yourself are you going to have the child? What's the pros and cons if you do or if you don't?

It's time to make a decision

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