Past Affair a Serious Issue !

Visitors Question:
As my wife and her ex-boy friend are working at the same office. How can I find out that my wife has not indulged with her past affair?

If there is something that you're uncomfortable with, just ask her. But before you ask, first is there signals that you're getting? What is warranting these questions? Now if it's nothing and you're just uncomfortable because her ex is working there, well you knew this from the beginning.

Anyway, if it is something that's just not sitting right with you, and I know how that can feel, sit her down and talk to her. Say hey, "there's something I'm feeling that's just not sitting right with me, and if you felt the same way, I'm sure you'd bring it to my attention". Then just say what's on your mind. She can't have any other reason but to respect that.

I hope I've answered your question and gave you something to go on. All the best and take care.

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