my husband cheated on me.. how can i move on?

by dessa

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my husband cheated on me.. we had several fights. i tried to talked to him about the the "girl' which is working in the same building where he works. He said that shes just a special friend to him. I dont know how to react, i have read messages and saw some pictures that really makes me jealous. i even talked to the "girl" and said that my husband courted her.after that He said that that would be the end..but few weeks later they went out again with the girl..and saw pictures of them. i dont know if im going to believe him this time. i dont know how to move on.if the pictures are still on my husbands do i know if hes telling the truth?

The first red flag is that special friend crap. If it's a special friend it should be a friend of the both of you and I'm not all that big on friends.

Honey the writing is on the wall. I would try to suck it up and move on because you will probably always wonder what's going with him.

I know it's not going to be easy but I would disconnect myself from that situation. I hope I've given you something to begin with.

All the best to you and good luck.

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