My First Relationship Didn't Survive

by Shaina

Visitors Story:
My first ever relationship lasted 4 years and 6 months. I was 20 then when we broke up, and I thought he will be the first and last boyfriend I will have. But I was totally wrong. Now you're asking why we broke up?

It's because I am tired of waiting on him to introduce me as his girlfriend to his parents. He never had courage to introduced me. I already told him that I am suffering because of it. He said he was waiting for the right time.

Then I've waited for 3 months again, That's how much I loved him, I was willing to wait. Again, nothing happened! There is nothing new! It seems like he doesn't do anything, he doesn't even care! I realized I can no longer wait anymore. So I decided to break up with him. After breaking up with him, tears fell all over my face.

It really hurts so bad. I felt like I was so down and all alone by that time. After several weeks passed, I started going out with my friends enjoying my single life. At night I am taking a self realization about myself. Thank God my friends and family are always there to give me an advice and support all the way.

And because of it I became more closer with God. Now, after 5 months of letting him go. I can finally say I moved on! I am ready to start my life all over again without him.

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