ME and My girlfriend

by Hemant

Visitors Question: iam a guy having a long distance relationship with a girl.we met 2 years back and having a nice relationship.but she is very shorttempered.if i say something she gets angry and does not talk to me for 5 6 days even if i call her 100 times she has no response.she is very stubborn.we used to meet thrice or 4 times a year and we are together we never quarrel.cos iam working away frm my home.but we used to talk everyday by phone.i dont know if i tell her that if you dont pick my call i will not have my food blah blah.she doesnt have any reaction.but i know she loves me.iam confused sometimes?what should i do?i love her very much

Answer: Long distance relationships can be challenging. Maybe she's gotten tired of the distance and wants to move on but doesn't know how to tell you.

Maybe she doesn't want to hurt your feelings. My advice is to leave her alone for a while. Once you left a few messages that should be enough.

If you don't hear from her then I think you should move on. Why don't you try and find someone that's a lot closer?

Don't you want to be ablt to be in s womans company way more than 3 times a year?

I hope I've given you something to go with. All the best and good luck to you.

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