Married Man

by Jen
(Southfield MI)

I fell in love with a man who is married, only I did not know he was married till I was already in love with him and very invested with the relationship. He says his relationship with his wife is slowly ending, but I can't stand knowing he goes home to her instead of me. What should I do?

OOOOOk Jen, the relationship doctors remedy is to DUMP HIM. Why? because I truly believe if there is something about anyone that will have an effect on someone else, then it's their duty to disclose it immediately. Now this guy knew that him being married would probably have an effect on you if he told you the truth.

When someone is married and said, well you didn't ask, well that's not being truthful from the beginning. If he wasn't truthful about being married then why would you believe he'll eventually leave his wife.

Jen, move on and find your own boyfriend and soon to be husband. No matter how it hurts, just think of it this way, you'll never miss what you never had. He was never yours from the beginning and probably never will be.

I hope I answered your question. Stay strong and again, get out of it.

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