It was my first date and it was great

by Sanchit Luthra
(New Delhi, India )

Visitors Story:
Now, all of us get very excited and nervous on our first date and so was I. I had kept a central point to meet up and then carry forward from their. So, I called up my first girlfriend and we met in Costa Coffee, which is a Cafe. Both of us were ecstatic and kissed each other and decided to sit in the corner inside the cafe.

Now, we talked for hours and then I ended up ordering so much without realizing that I have limited cash with me. So, when the bill came I got all nervous that "how would I ask a girl to pay". So, I told her that lets wait for another half an hour as a friend of mine is about to come. I just went outside for 5 minutes and called up my best friend and told him the whole story.

He came and without letting my girlfriend know, I borrowed money from my friend and paid the entire bill which was Rs.2500 Indian Rupees which comes out to approx $50 US dollars, Pretty steep huh!. I realized that my presence of mind saved my first date which could have been a disaster.

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