Is my girlfriend a cheater?

by Bruno Gregg

Visitors Question:
We were both drunk last Saturday and I ended up passing out. When I woke up my girlfriend was out on the couch, not in bed with me, alongside one of her female co-workers. They didn't notice that I had seen them, and I have no other proof that anything actually happened. Is this grounds for worry?

It's all according on what you saw. But if you truly have some doubts, call her out on it. Just ask her. Say hey, what's up with this and what's up with that. Don't ask over the phone. You should be looking straight in her eyes when asking.

If she says you're imagining things, you'll just have to role with what she says for now. But just keep your eyes and ears open anyway. Remember, you felt something funny about what you saw for a reason.

I hope I've answered your question. Good luck and take care.

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