Interracial relationship

by Fay
(New York City)

Visitors Question: Hi my name is Fay and my question is on interracial relationship. I am from Greece and he is from Central America.

My mother and two brothers don't agree or accept him and constantly throw racial remarks. Recently on Valentine's day he proposed and I accept.

I am sure and confident with my decision. We are a happy couple and we like to live very simple. On the other hand my mother calls him a "reject", my other brother keeps quite don' say anything at all and my middle brother he calls him a gypsy in a high offense that he is in matter in fact in his eyes a "savage".

I try to erase all these remarks away but by choosing him my family will try to make me feel guilty and always continue saying I will pay the consequences.

Honestly I feel threatened by my own family. I am confused and I really don't want to break of this relationship because my family doesn't approve. Please if I can get some advise on this matter I will appreciate. Thanks.

Answer: What consequences are they referring? First I'd like to say where do people feel that they are any better than anyone else.

Second, you have the right to live your life anyway you please and I'm sure that's the way you feel because you wouldn't be on this site if you didn't.

You have to realize everyone including family members are not going to agree on all your life decisions.

How does his family feel about you? Does his family except you? All these questions shouldn't matter but in this world unfortunately they do.

Relationships are hard enough without all this. I don't know if I'd want to get involved with someone that I already know would have a problem with my race but things happen. Usually you'll never know who you'd fall for.

It's either you deal with it and hope in the future your family will except him and sometime this happens, or move on. This decision is up to you.

I hope I've given you something to go on. Good luck and all the best to you.

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