Inherited Some Cash

by Don

Visitors Question:
I recieved some money from a uncle that passed, then the girls started to come. How do i deal with the girls?

Girls kind of ignored me for years and so now they want to be friends. My uncle sold his business before he died and left half the proceeds to me. I'm a senior in high school and in my junior year no one ever wanted to sit with me. Now there isnt enough seats where I always sit and its mostly girls trying to gold-dig off me. Maybe it's because I told a friend and it spread around school now everybody knows i came up big! I think none of these girls like me. i think they just want my cash, how because a couple of them i asked out on dates b4 all of a sudden are free to hang out now. I bought brand new a BMW 6 Series and took out $50,000 for college and the rest is going invested in stocks and bonds etc.

I would tell my good friend with the biiig mouth that the doe was a hoax and I just wanted to know how people would react to it. I would let that get around so they would think I have nothing.

You would rather a girl to like you for you and not for what you have. I am not saying not to treat yourself every now and again, but keep it on the down low and do not let anyone really know about it.

I would get rid of the big time car. You are still pretty young and have plenty of time for that. It attracts way too much attention.

Get a car on a smaller scale, a lot cheaper and lot less noticeable. Something like a used Toyota corolla or a Hyundai Accent for instance. I am telling you this for a reason.

A car is just a car. Some people buy cars not to get around but to impress others but remember, they're all just cars. They were mainly built for transportation.

At least you are smart enough to realize how phony people can be, especially when money and/or fame comes along. You are ahead of the game by noticing it.

Guys can be users as well so be careful of them too. You may have FRENEMYS. A Frenemy is a person that may act like they like you but they're really jealous of you.

Do you have a so called friend that sometime does things that can throw you for a loop and make you think? Hmmm, they may be a frenemy. Be careful, stay smart and good luck in school.

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