I Woke Up and She Was Not With Me Anymore

by Sanchit Luthra

Visitors Story:
It was a Friday morning and was a bit sad on such a lovely sunny day. It was the day where in for the first time in 3 years I was single. I realized that I had broken up with my girlfriend over her parents. We were seeing each other for the past 3 years and had no problems what so ever. She had come to my city and was staying with her friends, so we used to party and do all kinds of stuff.

Finally, her parents decided to live with her and that is when the problems started cropping up. Her parents didn't like me and thought that I'm some kind of spoiled rich kid and was going out just to sleep with her and nothing else. One day my girlfriend's parents got angry and said it to my face.

That's when I got angry and fought with my girlfriend's parents which resulted in a police case and what not. The day it happened I was drunk as well which added fuel to the fire and made matters worse and I decided to not see her anymore and broke up with her and abused her parents like anything.

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