I Got Luke Skywalker!

by Pat
(Merrimack, NH)

visitors Story:
No, I do not mean Mark Hamill! After a horrific break-up, I was seeing a therapist in another town. I always passed the animal rescue going to and from therapy. One morning I stopped to see what dogs were there and was very, very taken with a young beagle named Lewis. We introduced my older dog, and all was well. I said I would return in a few hours.

At therapy we discussed the unhelpful instinct to immediately replace an "x" with someone new. I kept telling the therapist I understood, but I must have seemed too glib, so she would go over her point again. finally I told her I was getting a beagle on the way home.

She helped me choose his new name, "Luke" after the physician-healer in the Bible, but I did revise that to "Luke Skywalker"!

After Luke came home, he not only helped me heal, but twice he looked after "runaway" young people who lived with me for a while. He lived 12 more years and was a fabulous companion!

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