husband stopped wearing wedding ring

by carly

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After 10 years of always wearing his wedding ring my husband has recently stopped wearing it.I first noticed a month ago when I looked at his finger he put his hand in his pocket.I asked him why he wasn;t wearing it he said it bothered his finger.yet he would wear it to work then take it off..he started wearing it then he stopped again for a week or so when asked he said he was working outside? he wore it for a few days now he has stopped wearing it again..he has not had any major weight loss or gain and he has a desk job so it is not work he hasn;t worn it at all for a week..Does this sound like its bothering his finger..or something else.

Carly, my question is, what do you think? If you didn't feel something isn't wrong, you would not be asking Clay questions. ;)

Then again we don't want to jump to conclusions.

Did you ask how is the ring bothering his finger?

Has anything changed in the relationship?

Has anything changed about his job meaning, why is he working outside now?

Did you ask questions to dig deeper? If not, maybe you should and when you do, pay attention closely and listen.

Make sure his answers make sense but if his answers don't make sense, I suggest you dig deeper.

Someone else would probably try this, they would take their ring off and see if he notices and if he does, then give him BS excuses just as he probably did just to gauge HIS reaction.

Keep your eyes and hears open. You're at a point where you should pay attention to everything that doesn't make sense.

I hope I gave you something to start with. All the best and good luck.

Keep me posted on what's happening.

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