How Long Should I Wait?

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The woman that I consider my soul mate lives in another state. She has children there who do not want to move. My job situation does not allow me to move there to her. How long should I wait for the situation to change or should I give up and look for another?

Well my friend there's a lot going on there. First there's is distance, so It'll be hard. Two, she has children. You're her soul mate but you may not be a good match for the children.

Now as far as waiting for the situation to change, it's all according on what you're waiting on to change. Ok, she's not moving and your job is not feeling it, so, is she worth giving up your bread and butter to move somewhere and get another job?

And you're not even sure if throwing your soul mate and her kids into the mix will work. And what baggage are YOU bringing along?

Hmmm, if it were me pal, and there isn't anything else to this story to add, I would say try to find another soul mate that lives closer and doesn't have a certain amount of baggage.

I hope I've answered your question or at least gave you something to think about. Good luck and take care.

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