How Do I Move on From a Broken Relationship?

by Jasmine
(Baltimore, MD)

Jasmines Question
Hi Clay,

I have been trying to recover from a break-up of a long term relationship. It has been four months, and it hurts more than it hurt four months ago. I have reason to believe he is seeing someone seriously, and that makes it hurt that much more, because I had hopes of getting back together. I am crying everyday, thinking about him all day, and I can't seem to stop. It has been 4 MONTHS! 4 MONTHS!!! I still love him, but I know I have to stop this destructive behavior.
I have read all of your tips on getting over a broken relationship, but to no avail. Help!

Well there's a few things that goes into this. First, I'd have to know what ended it etc. And all according to that answer, and the answers to the other questions I'd have, will determine if I would even recommend you going back in the first place, etc. But first and foremost, I'd recommend that you get yourself together. I understand it's been 4 months, but people are different.

It may take longer for you than maybe for someone else. There is no timetable. Take as long as need to heal. Time heals all wounds. Remember, it may not turn out the way you'd want, but you'll heal. Some break ups may take a year or more to get over. It's all according on you.

And stop worrying about what the other person is doing, you'll drive yourself crazier and we won't want that. Take your time and focus on yourself for awhile. I don't recommend jumping into a new relationship either. If there is something that you'd like to accomplish in your life, now is the time to focus on that and let the chips fall where they may.

I hope I gave you something to start with. Good luck and take care.

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