He's Bisexual...Should I Trust Him?

Visitors Question: I recently started dating a guy, and we really click. We have a great time together, and I can't wait to see him again. Only one problem: he's bisexual. At the moment, he says he is "really into guys" and thus his interest in me. But I'm worried...could this be a fleeting interest? What if one day he wakes up and he likes girls again? Is that how it works? I'm a bit concerned that I'm putting a lot of effort into something that can't last. He assures me that this is not the case, but I'm not so sure.

Answer: Well, if this guy being bisexual is a problem for you then I'd move on to someone that's not bi because all you'd have to worry about with a straight guy is another woman.

At least you could compete in a certain way, but how can you compete with a guy? It's 2 totally different people.

I personally would rather a woman that is straight laced as I. I don't have time for all this extra hoopla. Not knocking it but it's just not my thing.

I only have hot sausage ;), and I'll never know when she may come in the house and want fish, and I have no fish. LOL

I hope I've given you something to roll with. All the best to you and good luck.

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