He Is Not That Much In To Me?

by Rhonda

I met this guy with whom I am dating now. Its been 1-2 weeks only but I feel he is seeing other people as well. When i asked him about it he just kept mum and changed subject. I know it as I see him flirting with females on internet. One two girls are my online friends.

They told me this and they showed me their chat. He's flirting with them and asking them to meet in person. What do i do? Shall I stay and wait if our relationship progress and he stops looking around? Or just leave him alone?

Well Rhonda, you may be jumping the gun on a few things. First, this guy doesn't belong to you in just a couple of weeks. Did you guys make any kind of commitment?

And there are things you already know, because your girlfriends told you. Does he know that they are your girlfriends that he's chatting with?

There are a lot of variables here. If he's flirting and asking to meet other people in person well then that should be telling you something. My advice to you not put too much stock in this guy and do your own flirting and galivanting around. And let the chips fall where they may.

I hope I answered your question. Take care and all the best.

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