Getting Over With A Bisexual Relationship

by Claudine

I had a bisexual relationship before when I was in 3rd year high school. I am studying in non coed school were only girls are admitted. I am the straight one here, But one day a lesbian courted me and I just say yes.

After 11 months of being in a relationship with her, Problems get started. My family knew about it and they disapproved our relationship! Of course I expected that before. So we didn't break up at first, Because we love each other.

Then after a month which is our 1st year anniversary, I realized that our relationship is not right. We are both woman and my family is already affected with our relationship. And that I cannot tolerate seeing my dad and my mom in pain because of me.

So I decided to break up with her, It really hurts by that time because my love is real. It's my first ever relationship by then and I think I was just young and that is called a puppy love or a misunderstood feelings.

Getting over her was not really hard, because I took self realization in 1 month of breaking up with her. And with the help of my friends, I easily got over with that kind of relationship. Lastly with the love, understanding and support of my parents I easily moved on and started a new life after.

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