Get a Backbone and Move Out

Visitors Story:
I had been feeling different about the relationship for awhile, but I thought that if I rode it out for a bit it would get better. It didn't. My bf had a tendency to yell when he was angry and I hated it.

I think I knew in my heart that I wasn't in love anymore and I was just waiting for a way out. One night we got into a huge argument and he ended up starting to pack my things into garbage bags, but I knew he was bluffing.

I went into the bedroom and finished packing my things by myself and I could tell he was shocked. He didn't want me to leave, but I had had enough of nights like this one so I took the opportunity and left. It hurt me to leave him crying, but I knew if I stayed it would just happen again.

I took some of my things and went to my parents' house, eventually getting the rest of my stuff at a later date. He still doesn't understand why I left. He thinks that "not feeling the same anymore" is a bull**** excuse and that I must have had another reason. Trust me guys, it happens, and it is most definitely a real reason.

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