ended thru text message; cowardly way

by Gloria

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Well first of all, yes we had issues of which could of been solved but i beleive it really ended cuz i kept telling him that i would not live with him, i asked many times to give me time, come on we had only known each other for a few months & i was askin for a little tine, i wasn't going anywhere, i would stay with him & he would stay with me, i don' t understand what was the rush.

The relationship started ok but after a week my ex already was asking me to move with him & within 48 hours he was telling me he loved me, who falls in love within 48 hours & not even know the other person (me) well.

So after 3 1/2 months into the reltionship HE requests that we needed time apart from each other,WOW i said, we were already 120 miles away from each other & asks for time apart, come on, oh & he send the message thru text,how about that, i thought it was so cowardly said thru text.

So i asked friends for some advice & asked them "when someone asks for time apart from each other, what does it exactly mean?",i asked, so almost everyone said it meant, leave me alone, don't bother the person, so i texted him back that our relationship was over not to call me nor respond by text.

So after 48 hours that i text him that it was over i called him cuz i didn't feel comfotable the way the relationship ended but he would not answer nor return calls, i needed some closure but he still would not answer. Finally i texted him until i got his attention & yes i was blamed for the relationship ending, the main reason was that he needed somebody with him now not a year or two down the road besides other things of things that i had told him but like i said we could of worked it out, i still don't feel comfortable of how it ended i just wish he could of had the gutts to say all that he said to my face instead of by text, i feel he wasn't man enough & he reprents our country, yeah rite...all i needed was closure...but i think i will always hold a grudge towards him for being so cowardly...am i wrong?

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May 26, 2010
He was too needy?
by: Anonymous

I'm not too fond of ending things with a text either. First we're talking over the phone or face to face, now all of a sudden we went to texting lol. Texting may leave many misunderstandings. I'd say be an adult and handle your business and talk it out. The guy sounded way to needy for your liking anyway. I'm wondering why you went with him anyway and what was it that made you go into the relationship after he said he wanted to move in and said that he loved so soon? In a way I agree with you, it's the coward way out. I wouldn't hold a grudge either. I'm sure you have plenty of other better things to do.

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