End It Happily

Visitors Story
Well, we were having a great time together, in fact I'll cherish the time I spent with her. We were from conservative families in India and our parents did not approve of our marriage so it was best to end the relationship without complicating it further.

I reduced my telephone calls and e-mails slowly and steadily, telling her that I am busy with my studies so that she didn't feel bad. I made a kind of distance between both of us so that she could get used to living without me.

In the meantime she had some new friends and it actually helped the cause. She took her eyes off me and got busy somewhere else. One fine day I called her up and told her that there is no future of our relation and we should end things up and stay like friends forever.

She was a bit upset but things eventually are fine. We still talk but she is married and we are good friends now.

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