Dumped by Girl friend of nine years

by Orlando

Visitors Question:
My ex (of 9 yrs ) is with someone else less than a month after she dumped me. I know that she must of had this new guy lined up, although she says otherwise. This is most likely a rebound relationship. But if she already had been talking with the new guy for sometime, what are the chances that she may still be trying to get over me, and , what are the chances she may soon want to get back with me.

If she dumped you, what difference does it make when she started seeing someone else? If she's seeing someone else, what makes you think she'll be back?

Did you feel like something was going on before the seperation? She may or may not come back and if she does, would you still want her?

Another question is why do you think you were dumped? You should try to put in your head that she's gone now and it would be a good time to get into yourself.

What did you learn from this? There's always time to concentrate on you and make yourself a better person.

If she comes back, you'll be better prepared and can see things for what they really are and if she doesn't, then you'll be a better person for that knew love that's waiting ahead.

Don't wrap your mind around this too much. Go out and have fun, I'd don't want you too miss out on the great things the future has to offer you.

I hope I've given you some things to build on. All the best and good luck to you.

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