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My high school boyfriend and I were forced to be 'normal' and go to prom with my mom. I put up a fight every step of the way- I hate wearing dresses and doing my hair.

You could say I was sort of a punk. Well, I found a dress I didn't hate and my boyfriend at the time rented a tux.

I remember that the tickets were like 50 bucks a person to go, but my mom said she would buy them, since I was still so opposed to going.

We went to the golf course where the Prom was held. And of course it was all of the people I hated, dressed up and loving it.

We had some food, and once the lame music started, we decided to leave. All dressed up, we went to the local grocery store, picked up some snacks, and then went to the movie theater to watch Panic Room.

All of the theater workers looked at us strange, but we had a great time eating our mike & ikes and doing something that better fit what we wanted to do.

I am married now, and still haven't told my mom we really didn't stick around at prom and that 100 dollars was virtually wasted, as I said it would be!

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