do i stay in new relationship or go back to old boyfriend?

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new guy i have only talked to never have met him ,but in the time we have had i have given this man $400.00 DOLLARS ,he has lost his wallet had his appendix out and food now he still wanted more for a visa in old boyfriend i still love very much he has reached out to me serveral times and wants me to take him back, he had health issues and sufferers from depression. so whatr do you think, do i go back to the old one that i am still in love with or the new one that i havent met yet and wonts more money? help please

First off, how can someone be your boyfriend and you've never met him. I'm not saying you don't have a good heart because obviously you do, but why are you sending money to someone you don't know.

That request for money may never stop. I've heard these people overseas scam people for money and you may be culprit.

If you're still in love with someone else then why are you trying to see someone else. Finish with 1 chapter first then move on the other.

Get one person completely out your system first before you decide to date and seriously see someone else.

Now as far as your old boyfriend, if you're not willing to help him with his problem then leave well enough alone.

If you talk to him soon, just tell him that he should seek professional help and get himself together before he starts to bring other people into his life.

I hope I've answered your question and given you something to go with.

All best to you and good luck.

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