Depression Meds = Realization of Being Uninterested.

by J B

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I was with my ex-wife for three years. I suffered from major depression and anxiety for the first two and a half of them. I started to take medication which really helped me. It also made me realize that I was not in love with her, that I simply was a prisoner of my depression which kept me in the relationship.

As the mental clouds started to clear I began to no longer be afraid to tell her the way I truly felt. I told her that I was with her because I used to have no self esteem and felt I could never have someone better. I recently have found someone who is my true love, and it would not have been possible if I was still a prisoner of depression.

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Dec 18, 2009
Get to The Bottom Of It And Move On
by: Francine

Well at least you finally had the nerve to break it off before anymore time was wasted between the both of you in the relationship. I hope it wasn't the medication making you think something was wrong. I'm just wondering how she took it and if she knew it would happen eventually. Good for you.

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