Dating Is A Joy In Teenage

by Hari

Visitors Story:
I am from India where much importance is given to culture. For me, teenage feelings had started to poke out of me when I was 17. Before that, I was just what I used to be. I had no feelings about opposite sex. But when I turned 17, it all started with some butterflies had started to fly inside.

I just started to look at girls particularly of my age. Sometimes even elder girls but not much older. I just used to concentrate on the way I wear dresses, style I used to move with, my appearance( which is much crucial during teenage).

As it was beginning, I had to be conflicting with myself about whether to start talking to someone or not if I meet any for the first time. Hesitation will be major breakthrough during teenage. I am sure that I even lost a fine date in my those teenage days!

For teenagers, my strong advise is to be active and energetic always. Show some vibrant behavior and gestures when you are trying to impress a girl. Girls will always like funny things. So be funny but not stupid as much as you can to impress your girl. To last your dating for long, maintain a consistency in your relationship with your girl. Be practical in your talks to a girl.

Personally, I strongly believe as sometimes even dating too will help oneself to groom himself up as a complete man by knowing about how to deal with others.

All the best teenagers!

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