Crazy But Its True!

by PAT

Visitors Story:
I was previous married and it didn't work out. We got divorced. My next time around I thought I would approach the relationship different. I met a man in my office and we had a relationship that lasted 3 years.

We had good and bad times, but I thought I'd give it a try. He went back to Virginia for a wedding and met a new girlfriend. She moved up to Ohio later on that year into his apartment. I was devastated. He came up to my desk at work and told me the news.

And said he was sorry but he didn't know how to break his new relationship off, and I told him that he should try the same tricks he played on me. I also told him that someday he would come pounding on my door and ask to come back.

Sure enough 2 months later I was watching TV and there was a knock on the door and it was him. He asked me to take him back and I said hit the road. I felt that I had won at his game and I was proud that I said that.

This was around the Xmas season and when our office had a party I invited a tall dark and handsome man to go with me (he didn't know that it was my brothers friend) and he watched me all night as I played the best performance of my life.

After that he sent flowers to me at work and I put them back on his desk. With a note of "GO TO HELL". And that was the end of my story.

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