Competing for the Bronze

by Robert
(New York )

Visitors Story:
I was seriously involved with a young woman for whom the relationship went quickly. We seemed to be perfectly matched, but one day she had her wallet open and I noticed that the man in her wallet wasn't me.

He looked like he could be my twin, the part that clued me in actually was, "hey, those aren't my glassses, what?" I found out from a chat with her brother that this was her ex-boyfriend, who was engaged to her bast friend. And, that she was getting old and afraid that she would be single all her life.

From her brother I found out that she didn't like amusement parks, so I arranged for us to go on a date to one. She pretended that she loved them, but ended up waiting for me in the car.

We broke up on the surface because of her not being honest about what she enjoyed doing, but really because I knew that I was a poor substitute for some other guy, who, since he was to be married to her best friend, I knew that he would be underfoot for the rest of my life if I stayed with her.

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