Cheating Little Weasel

by Jen

Visitors Story:
My marriage of three years ended because my then husband cheated on me. He had been acting squirrely for several days and I knew something was up.

I had never checked his email before, but I decided to that night after he went to work. And there it was. She said, "oh, did you tell your wife yet? I'm so sorry. I can't wait to give you another kiss...". I decided to wait for him to man up and tell me, but that never happened.

I kept following their emails for about a week. They got so sickening, and he was swearing to her that he had told me, so I confronted him about it. I did not yell, just told him I knew. Asked if he wanted to try to work things out.

He said no, and my one year old son and I were out of there. Don't get me wrong. I wanted to chop the crotch out of all his pants and take a hammer to all his bloody record collection. And to him, truth be told. However, I figured if he was that big of a jerk, I was lucky she was taking him off my hands.

It still hurt, being the one who would have worked on the relationship, and he had no interest in saving it. Looking back on it now, though, 3 years later, it was the best thing that has happened to me. And I did not need to seek revenge.

He is such an idiot that he has made his own life Hell without my help. He knocked up the girl he was cheating with. She was still living with her parents. He lost the house because he could not manage his money. He got in debt up to his ears, and ended up moving back to Texas and running away like the weasel he turned out to be.

I learned a lot, if nothing else, from that relationship. It was painful, and dealing with him in terms of his son still sucks, but I am very glad he is gone in all other ways.

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