Carrying on with a married woman can be dangerous

by Sunder Venkataram
(Mumbai, India)

Visitors Story:

We became attracted to each other because of the Internet. Both she and I were working on opportunities to earn money on the net.

She was a happily married woman living in Canada and I was a single bachelor from Mumbai, India. Within a month, I had told her the secret that I wanted to live and write in the United States.

I showed her a few samples of my work and she was mightily impressed.

Though she had never done any serious writing, I found her critique and revisions of some of my passages very fresh and more appealing.

Soon we were dear friends and started cooing nice things to each other. I was gay abandon ( I do not know why), but she was more circumspect. She was careful not to say too much lest she tipped her hand to me.

Of course she was worried about getting involved. Her husband is a prominent trial lawyer. I too became wary after a time.

She started saying things indirectly on her Facebook wall. I believe she wanted to see me in person in Canada before she took the thing further.

She did invite me to Canada but I was still undecided. I kept looking at her pictures on Facebook.

She did not have such a pretty face as I would have liked. Another thing that bothered me was that I was a good Christian. My conscience bothered me about getting involved with a married woman.

The thing has definitely cooled off now. She did send me a condolence note on Facebook when my mom passed away recently.

We hardly say much to each other these days. Flirting around with a married woman can be painful for both of us.

She was a hell of a nice person but she was not very good looking either. It was not worth the trouble I would go through if I had gone further!

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