Can I get her back or is it too late?

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We broke up because she said that she didn't feel any connection. The only time she felt a connection is when we would hug or cuddle.

She also felt that I didn't like her fam, and that our last month or so together we were fighting a lot.

So those are the reasons y she broke up with me. From my point of view I can see the fighting aspect and her mom and dad are old enough to be my grandparents so it was hard to talk to them.

But her older sisters I got along with just fine. To me it feels like she didn't communicate very well with me and let me know how she felt.

She told me that she was thinking about breaking up with me for about a month. It's not like one of us cheated or something.

She just basically she lost feelings for me. I did the no contact thing but it was hard and I have to talk to her for my job.

But now we r friends because we both agreed that work sucked with the way we treated each other. So what do I do and can I get her back?


For one, I don't believe in working on the same job with my girlfriend, if that's what it is.

Well I must say that communication is king. How will things get resolved if you don't talk. Why was the only time she felt a connection was cuddling or hugging?

Did you guys do that cuddle and hug often? Was it something she was yearning for?

Remember her grandparents and her sisters are her grandparents and her sisters and they really have nothing to do with it.

All and all, she is the one that wanted the space and wanted to break up for a while. Remember a break up is a break up, no matter how long.

What is it that she has to work out? Don't be so hard on yourself. You wanted to communicate and that's all you can do.

Remember she's the one that wanted the break up and you cannot fix something that you didn't break. Why should you? Go on with your life for a while and see what she does.

I hope I given you something to start with. Good luck and all the best to you.

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