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Last Summer,I went camping with my friends at a lake near our city. My best friend’s girlfriend brought along one of her friends who isn’t part of our group. Everyone wanted me to hook up with the “new girl.” But, I told my friend that you can’t just fix two people up. He said that he knew what was good for me.

The girl was totally cute and really nice, so that wasn’t the problem. We had a great time hanging out. We are both pretty shy, so talking wasn’t the easiest thing, but with everyone there, it was okay.

It got really weird when everyone started to crash for the night. My best friend and his girlfriend worked it so that the new girl and I were sleeping in the same tent together! I didn’t know what to do. We sat on our sleeping bags, facing each other, in this little two-man tent and talked for a long time. We were both kind of freaked out about the situation.

Then, about 3am, my friend began shaking our tent and chanting, “kiss her” “kiss her” “kiss her.” I yelled that he was lame, and then we heard what sounded like everyone laughing and making rude comments, as they went back to their tents. The girl was smiling at me and said, “Let’s just get it over with,” and leaned forward and kissed me right on the mouth. I was a virgin, and in fact, hadn’t even kissed a girl before then, so I didn’t know what to do at all.

At that point, I was feeling pretty lame myself. It wasn’t a big, like, open-mouth kiss—just a short one. It went ok. After the kiss, she said she was tired and got into her sleeping bag, so I did the same.

The new girl (her name is Amy), and I started hanging out together after that camping trip. That was 5 months ago, and we’re still together. Even though it hasn’t been perfect, we get along pretty well, but mostly, we really like each other. I guess my lame friend did know what was good for me.

P.S. I’m a much better kisser now, than back then.
P.S.S. Amy is now part of our group.

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