Burn It Up

by Sydney

Visitors Story:
I had been dating a man for a little over a year and a half. He was a very successful real estate investor who had a significant sum of money. After six months of dating we moved in together.

However, that never made a difference because he was never home and was always gone on business trips. I had a suspicion that he was cheating on me and sure enough after going through his phone one night, my suspicions were confirmed.

So the next weekend when he went away on business I decided it was my best time to break. I knew he would return Sunday around lunch as always so that morning I paid movers (with his money) to move our bed to the front lawn. I then proceeded to pour kerosene all over it.

When he called and told me he was about to pull into the neighborhood I lit it on fire and left a note on the ground near it reading "You made your bed now watch it burn." :) Best revenge ever and his face was priceless.

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