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How To Attract Shy Women.,

I am often asked, “Marius, the girl I like doesn’t really flirt back because she’s really shy. What can I do to get her?” My answer is simple: Take the lead and keep flirting!

What most people don’t understand about shy folks is that just like all people, they respect leadership.

They may not TELL you that they like the attention you are giving them, but it does not mean they want you to stop.

In 9 out of 10 situations, they are just looking for someone (ANYONE) to lead.But…how dow you know when you should REALLY stop?

How do you know when a girl wants you to leave her alone? By using my green light theory!When you are flirting with a woman, pretend you areat a street intersection.

If you see a red light (aka she gets annoyed or tells you to stop), stop immediately. Then pull back and try again.(See if the red light ever turns green before you quit!) If you see a green light (she is flirting back), then keep advancing.

If you see a yellow light (you’re not sure how she feels),then it just means you haven’t advanced enough yet. So push ahead until you finally see a red OR green light.

Remember: all the same basic rules apply no matter who you are flirting with. Break the “Smart Dating Rules” just.because think a girl is “special”, “shy”, or “unique”, and you will end up breaking your own game!

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