Be Honest and Yourself

by Carlos Delatorre
(el cajon, Ca, united states)

Best Day Ever

Best Day Ever

Visitors Story:
My best teenager date was when I was 16 and I met this girl at the local park. I was very honest, I told her that I had only 20 bucks and she told me that she was broke and we both laughed. We decided to take the bus to Balboa park. The bus ride was pretty fun. We just kept making fun on the places the bus stops at. We will rate every store we pass by. We got to the park and we walked around and went inside the art museum.

The museum was free by the way. Then we were very hungry and we only had 18 bucks left, but luckily we saw a Cici's pizza restaurant and we had enough to eat there. We ate until we got full and we laughed at how much food we ate. She told me that is was really fun spending a day with a guy that was real down to earth and didn't lie to make himself look better. After that day I felt real comfortable being myself around her and till this day we are still close friends.

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