A Englishman

Visitors Story:

I have worked hard to help my gf over the past 3 years with reviewing and editing material for her degree.

English is not her first language and for me the work has not been difficult. She has become more and more demanding and unreasonable but as her course has just finished I was able to "push through".

When she has a hard time with something or with someone on her course for example I listen and try to offer what advice and understanding I can.

This support is never reciprocated and I can't even discuss stuff that is giving me trouble without her getting angry and giving me the silent treatment. This can go on for days at time.

If I stand up to her and challenge her behaviour she will sometimes appreciate that she has been selfish but a few weeks later she'll do the same thing again.

Over the years I've come to love her very deeply but this recurring behaviour is depressing me - I don't mean it makes me feel a bit sad I mean it pushes me towards suicidal feelings.

While I don't want to be without her this whole situation is damaging me mentally. Support is meant to be a 2 way street.

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